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Need Easier CSS Editing

Working with CSS for the first time. Bring it into DreamWeaver Ultradev 4 and it won't display a page view, only raw code in both views..so I have to guess at what changes to make, save the page, then open it up in a web browser and pray it works. I simply can't go on like that.

1. Is there a way for DWUD4 to display a page view live when editing CSS file?

2. If not, is there a freeware editor that will do this and making editing the CSS easy instead of a constant guess?

As it is, simply changing page color elements and such is difficult since only changes in the css script change this...working in html has virtually no effect on the page other than text, headers, etc.
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windows 98, xp, mepis 6
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haven't a fucking notion what "Ultradev" is.

Just use any editor, chrome, and livereload.
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Just keep a browser open to the local page you're working on. After you save it in your editor, go to the browser and hit refresh. You might want to get a local server like WAMP.

I haven't tried that LiveReload mentioned above, looks pretty good.

It sounds like you're using some old software. You should try to use just a basic free text editor. Not sure what's good in Windows XP, others can advise there. Edit, save, go to browser, refresh. Dump that old Dreamweaver.
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Espresso has been playing up today and not refreshing extracted CSS files so I had to do a load of CSS styling using Firebug in Firefox. Quite impressed with it.
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