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project process

hi folks

what process do you follow for freelance projects?

I have a client, letís call him bob, that I designed a basic 5 page site for (bob was doing the build). bob has come back wanting further full build projects, and said there'll be more in the pipeline.

bob has outlined the way he wants things done...
  1. Bob will provide 5 example sites highlighting elements
  2. I am to create three options incorporating these elements
  3. Bob will pick components of the three
  4. I then combine into a design, to be approved
  5. Once approved, I would get 1/2 of the money for the site.
  6. I am to convert into a Dreamweaver template and Bob will manage the html/php from there.
  7. When that is complete, I will receive the other half of the fee and I send the files.

Needless to say I wonít be following this process. For the money he is proposing and the time it would take just isnít feasible. Plus there is the possibility that at point 4, the design will never be approved! Iíve been in a situation previously where I didnít cover myself for the fussy client design changes, and Iím not going down that road again.

So... what process do you follow?
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Depends on the relationship with the client. Personally I only do freelance work for people I 100% trust, if there is any doubt that they will screw me, I back out before we start.

If its more of a business and you need to do work for people you don't really know, draft a contract for what will be delivered and when payment will have to happen. If you are worried about payment, ask for a minimum of 30% deposit before work will begin. The clients that refuse to pay that are clients you don't want in the long run.

Explain to Bob that his process is not how good design happens. When mocking up a concept you are thinking of the entire picture based around that particular concept. Thus having the ability to pick and choose different elements for a final mega design, ignores the design process and usually yields lack luster results.

Furthermore a client should never dictate how many concepts you should provide in the process. It shows a lack of appreciation and confidence for the service you provide. There is no reason why you can't do multiple concepts for a project, but keep them internal and present the best. Most of the time if you thoroughly plan out the concept, your first concept (in web design) will be successful. Doing that process for a vast number of concepts can be very tiring, and most importantly very budget heavy.
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