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old romantic
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simple php contact form with spam filter

i am getting spam through my contact form and have previously used captcha but don't really like it. is there a simple php form out there that has a spam filter but doesn't need captcha or questions like 2+3? i just don't think it looks that good.

i see loads of websites with forms on like:

with no captcha or silly questions, so it must be possible. i'm sure i've seen some articles about forms with hidden fields etc. anyone know where to find one? preferably an easy one with .php file and .html form (cause i don't know how to write php for shit).

oh btw i want the form on my index page and not on a separate contact page if this makes any difference.

cheers in advance.
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What happened?
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Akismet is a great anti-spam service, I wrote an article on how to implement it not so long ago: On SPAM and the Akismet service | Aspektas Blog

Edit: doesn't use hidden fields though, which aren't so good. Basically that just means naming the visible fields with weird names, and hidden fields with the sensible names, and if the sensible-name fields are filled out, consider it spam.
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old romantic
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ok, cheers for that.
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If you don't want to use a captcha, you could just send the information to a database, including the ip address, and not allow message from that IP address after say 30 minutes or something...
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I implemented something that arties suggested, since then i haven't had 1 piece of spam (i was getting about 3 spam e-ail a day)

Create a check box and style it so it is hidden.

In the php form have

if($check == "checked"){ then it is spam } else{ send e-mail}

Its worked great for me
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