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First Serious Webpage

Hi ever, i respect alot of you here, and iv been lurking these forums for quite a bit. I have decided to finally become a member here, hoping to learn alot from you guys!

I have been attempting to learn CSS and Html for some time, and i made a design for a business consulting page. Please critque harshly, i dont remind redoing parts or even the whole thing.

Here is the link:
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LOL, sorry i have this habit of subliminally inserting letters and reordering letter when i read them. and I just read "Diarrhea Systems"

Structure of the page and basic layout seem to work. but the colors header and overall design need alot more work before I would call it serious.
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So you are saying just redo the graphics? Or is the problem laying deeper in the site then that. I see what your saying though. Could you please elaborate?
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SkyRocket Design
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hola good start but agree it needs a lot of work yet. the left nav links need a bit of design polish - they just look plain and stranded on their own at the side right now. you could do with a footer or some kind of nav at the bottom so that people can get around the site without scrolling all the way back up. add a doctype and validate to make sure you're building a 'well-formed' document. needs some pictures and a colour scheme as it's just bland at the moment. that'll do for starters...
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Anti-aliasing... Unless the pixellated text is making a sort of statement?

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Ok, thanks everyone. Im going to make all these changes ( already changes the text and nav bar a bit ) thanks for ally our help. New changes will be done stat.
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It looks O.K.

not the most innovative design i've ever seen, but I think it will work for whatever your purposes are.

Please turn on antialiasing in whatever image editing program you are using for the header!!!
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Its got a nice clean look, but not much content
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The right nav is great.
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Yea, you think? i feel a bit of hostile sarcasm there.
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