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Tips for web typography

This space for rent.

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Oh cool, I've been looking for something like this.
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Interesting and valuable. I (of course!) already knew all that, which doesn't mean I can ever implement even half of it. Most of my customers would rather shit a brick than see non-centred text.
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Some very good tips around there! I think that no 2 is really important, the significance of the words should be very well shaped.
Thanks for the link
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it's good to read this article, i've also found some great post from jacob on justcreativedesign.com as he is also 1 of the best i've know in doing logo designs
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Very neat. Reminds of an article I read about 10 font mistakes designers make.

I don't have enough posts yet to post a link, but just google: 10 Common Typography Mistakes Design Cubicle
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