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creat new font ?

can you recommend me some good articles/tutorials about HOW to creat a new FONT
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Those are good articles. I use FontCreator 5.6. It costs under €100 and produces functioning fonts.
The way I work is to create a few typographical shapes in Photoshop with the pen or whatever. Then I import the basic shapes into FC, fix all the bezier curves to their very minimum requirements and combine them with straight elements to form the letters and numbers. Each and every time I am amazed at the illogical shapes of our alphabet - there simply are no legible geometric fonts! The numbers are even worse.
But if you're interested in making fonts, it's a fascinating process and I will give you support and advice. We don't have nearly enough fonts yet!
For more information, please re-read.
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thanks emil for the urls ... its very helpful
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iLT is the shiznit
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