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InDesign 5.5 file to open in CS5?

I have an indesign CS5.5 file from a client in America, but i only have CS5, is there anyway to open the file in my CS5 or is the only way by back saving it to an idml file for me? Just wanted to get started on it now, but will have to wait until later because of the timezones Thanks in advance
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deal with it
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unfortunately you're screwed. InDesign is not backwards compatible
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Do they still have a 5.5 demo available to try out (unrestricted) for 30 days or has that been replaced with CS6 (in which case then they're screwed)?

Fantastic upgrade policy from Adobe, perfect way to force people to upgrade by removing backsaving.

The sooner someone else moves into this area the better. Adobe has become the arrogant Quark from the 90's.
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Thanks for your replies lads, just got it sorted by sending the file to mate who works somewhere who's on 5.5 and he back saved and returned for me. How fricking annoying though. Guess Adobe can just do as they please though, bastards!
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This would be why I always ask people I work with what version they are using of software. I haven't the time to waste sending a file just to find out they're using an older version and can't open it.
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In my case, I demand my employer to upgrade me.

Currently a Design/Code Ninja at Edge Webware.
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you could always ask the person who gave you the CS5.5 file to save it as an IDML file, then you can open it up in other versions

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