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    September 2016
    Hi Calder!

    Thanks again for taking the time to do such a thorough post on the SSH/Git stuff. I've not got round to trying it out yet but will do. I'm getting stuck in to learning a lot of new things at the minute so trying not to overwhelm myself with too much at once!

    As I'm pretty new to Git I wanted to start off with good habits and it seems Git flow is the way to do it. Do you use it? I've just set it up for my boilerplate on bitbucket (that I showed you) so I'm going to do a couple of commits using that workflow and see how it goes.


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    April 2016
    Hi, can I call upon your expertise to take a look at my contact form again?
    I have set up the mail.php file following the useful page link you posted. I have it redirecting to a thank you page all ok. The send facility is working as I have sent tests, but... the content of the email is empty and it is labeled unknown sender.
    The only extra line I added in was about the date of the event as this is really helpful for the caterer.
    Can you take a look? Am happy to post this on the feed, just time is as always of the essence and you seem to be the most knowlegable! ;-)
    Thanks Jo
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