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After Effects Render Settings

Im working on some design showreels and have rendered a couple out but the final footage is grainy and low quality.

Can anyone tell me the best settings to render out at the best quality, but a reasonable file size for uploading to the web?

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deal with it
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FLV would probably be the most optimal.
use VBR and a 1000kbps and you should be ok
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vertical, but horizontal.
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i'd go for a h264 output (this can be streamed via YouTube, Vimeo, etc), and then if I want to host the files myself I'd convert to .f4v using adobe media encoder (f4v superseeded flv).
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Nice post and it will help me a lot.
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If you want to find out about another way look at this.

http : // w w w . youtube . com / watch?v=ua0zcaUe-EQ

Take out the spaces to see the link.
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