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Originally Posted by pat
nah, i tried swapping in very similar versions from font squirrel's selection but client wasn't happy and is dead set on the original fonts, which is a good thing cos it looks better, but it's proving tough now. Gravur Condensed is sold by Lineto, and they don't allow any font-replacement technologies to be used with their fonts.

So I'm kinda stumped.

It's a fucker isn't it. Lineto is one of my fav foundries as well
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Just trying to think outside the box here. What about using images for the headers? Now I know you said that some of the headers are created by search results but in those cases you could try something like this: A List Apart: Articles: Dynamic Text Replacement Which is creating dynamic PNG's on the fly.

I am not sure if that would circumvent the licensing issue or not, seems to me it would since if you own the font you should be allowed to create images with it and it should be a fair bit less intensive than what cufon seems to be (although I have zero experience with it so I am not really sure on that.)

Worth looking into or a waste of time?
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That actually looks pretty seeing as it appears he is going to need the font to be dynamic.
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Sounds a lot like FLIR to me. Works well except for the crap kerning.

Here's the first link from google.

How To Use Any Font You Wish With FLIR | Nettuts+

It's dodgy because you still have to put the font on the server, but I guess you can hide it away.

This site that I built moons ago uses a Wordpress FLIR plugin, you'll notice some of the rendering discrepencies. By and large pretty decent, though.
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yeah these options are great, thanks guys. Sactly what I needed. Now client has this side of thigns to ponder, as well as the free, easy fallback of similar but slightly ugly fonts from font squirrel
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