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Interesting (cheap) binding

Yo mofos, hoping to pilfer some of your giant brains again...

Got a fashion client who we're producing a 60+ page A6 book of images for, had proposed double-wire stitching for the binding method, but they're not into that. So we're looking for an alternative binding method. They're budget is pretty limited.

Also, looking for nice way to present them, whether in canvas bags/transparent plastic sleeves? Fuck know's.

Anyone seen any interesting solutions for either recently? Ideally, economical solutions...
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Did you sort this Jack? (Yes I know it was 3 years ago)

Anyone else have any nice binding sources, I would love to know. Sorry to drag this up from the past, but I am sure I saw some wicked binding going on around here.
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Cheap and creative?

You can't beat screw binding in that case. Pack of binding screw are about 17 for 100. Inner pages can be hole punched with in-house with a standard hole puncher depending on size. Outer cover can be in whatever material you want it in. We normally outsource the outer covers.

I normally buy the screws from these guys... Binding Screws - Butonz.com
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