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Indesign problems-please help!

I've been designing a media kit, and everytime I try to export my indesign layout to a PDF it screws up the color.

Depending on how I tell it to do it, the color could look fine in Acrobat, but darker in preview. Or, lighter in acrobat, and lighter in preview. (this is exporting under CMYK and unchanged presettings)

I just tried exporting it in RGB to see what happened, and the color is perfect. However, I'm not comfortable giving my client an RGB file. (it's a viral media kit, however just in case anyone wants to print it i'd rather it work correctly as a saved CMYK PDF.)

This has never happened before, I have CS. The original backgrounds created in Photoshop ARE RGB, only because every time I save as a CMYK it does the same thing; meaning it saves it darker.

I've attached 3 screenshots, one is the actual page in indesign with the correct colors, and then 2 screenshots of how it's messing it up in PDF.

Any help you can give me at all is appreciated!! Like I said when I export as a RGB it looks fine.. so even feedback on sending out a RGB PDF is helpful. But i'm pretty sure thats a design no no.
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Well from what I am hearing it sounds like you are using RGB swatches for your color choices. They change to CMYK values when you export to CMYK or stay RGB if you export to RGB. need to change those swatches to their CMYK counterparts or close to and re-export.
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yeah, even when I go to photoshop and recreate the image as a CMYK file, and then flatten and save. That shows up darker in preview as well. Like the dark blue outline to the bubbles look black.
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