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Finding a graphics designer to help with idea?

I have an idea in my head for a new marketing campaign, but I need someone creative that can make that idea look great. I tried outsourcing sites like guru, but I don't think I'll have any luck there.

What do you suggest? I'm not even sure if it's a graphic designer I'm looking for or an artist, but someone that has that creativity to take a very general idea and make it look like something that can be printed out and handed out.

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have you tried or I've found both to be very helpful for what you described above.
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1. Work out what you want to achieve
2. Write business plan
3. Get funding
4. Hire someone to realise the idea
5. Profit.
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Hey vmhatup
a graphic designer can better assist you with this as they know what fonts, color and design is needed for that specific idea that you have for marketing. Try craigslist although I am not sure how much their rates are..
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