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Best design agencies in London?

Just wondering what people's opinions are on the best design agencies in London... more specifically for css/xhtml, flash type stuff?

If anyone works in London that could suggest cool places who take on freelancers that'd be dandy! cheers!
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e3media, daredigital, gluelondon, preloaded, agency.com,

Here a few big London agencies that I've come across whilst freelancing. Although I get a lot of my work through smaller agencies, as the larger ones tend to take on fulltime designers rather then farm out the work.
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http://www.de-construct.com < Awesome work.

http://www.stylodesign.co.uk < It's more print based work they do, but they also seem to do some web stuff aswell.

That's the only 2 I know of really.
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nice one, cheers for the links!
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Goodbye little old lady
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Don't suppose anyone knows of the same type of agencies in San Francisco?
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