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Is FREE web hosting for life any good?

Free web hosting for life, is there any good?
What's the cheapest reliable web hosting company would you recommend to your customer for a yearly plan?
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I use Dreamhost and have for some years now. They caught me while I was young with a $97 off deal (making my first year $9 in total including a free .com domain; worth $9!).

I can't fault the service or the support, they have been splendid.

Of course now the honeymoon year is up, I pay around 80 for the service, however they don't limit the number of websites I host on the one account, so all 30 of mine are up because of them.

They deserve a gold star.
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No I don't think so that free hosting is reliable, most of the people got fed up in just few months because of ads and downtime, so for life no way!
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i use godaddy but only because I don't have any business related websites up right now. godaddy is cheap but it's servers are clogged with tons of other users and stuff like sending email out via godaddy's servers are highly unreliable, taking anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes to send.
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