Woo commerce Orders not showing as paid via Paypal - Always Pending ???

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Hi All

We recently updated to the most recent version of Woo Commerce and Wordpress.

Basically everytiome someone make an order, or it 'appears' go so far and cancelled an order it show this as 'Pending' with the little timer icon.

I understood this to be related to Paypal IPN, but I think atleast this is now correctly setup. Previously to setting up the IPN in my Paypal account orders showed as 'Processing' but never completely, so tiehterway we have to go into Paypal and check which is a pain.

Also I get a sales notification email whether the order has been paid OR cancelled eitherway I get the confirmation of purchase.

I've read server ideas about a bug with the recent version and turning off 'Stock Levels' in Inventory, but I need the stock level.

Please help, this is a real pain.


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    If it's a bug, revert to the previous version that was working, wait for an update.
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    Not sure I know how to revert to the previous, the Woo commerce website only seems to offer the new version download? I'm not 100% sure it is a bug, thats just what I read, hence aksing on here :)
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    All good developers keep multiple versions of their plugin in the repo (and the WooCommerce people are good). Check the changelog on the wordpress.org page and change the url of the current download to match the version you want.

    For example the current version is
    The previous version would be at https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/woocommerce.2.6.13.zip

    You can find which versions are in the repo here: https://wpackagist.org/search?q=woocommerce&type=any&search=

    There is no roll back for WordPress, this is a manual thing and it's why I never use the update buttons inside of WP itself, I always do updates to an offline version, test and then use GIT or Capistrano to deploy live.

    You're going to have to download the previous version, manually remove the woocommerce folder from the plugins folder on the server and replace it with the downloaded one.
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