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Hi guys,
Wanted to ask you for opinion about company name for creative agency.
The name I have end up with is "Eelectricat". I was looking for something fresh and fancy but did I reach the point of it? What do you think?


  • steveb
    BitterHusk Original™ Järvenpää FinlandPosts: 24,094 edited March 19
    It looks like a typo. Why don't you use a word from your own language? That would be fresh 'n fancy for everyone else. Your example in my second language is Ankeriassähkökissa, and they don't come fresher than that.
  • Martin_Scurry
    PacificaPosts: 8
    Eelectricat not suitalbe creative agency. try something new.
  • cybernext
    CyberNext Posts: 8
    Yes Eelectricat is not suitable...
    Brand name plays an important role but more important is quality product and services. For eg name Apple has nothing to do with mobile's :smiley:
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