Benefits of Cpanel Vietnam server hosting

cPanel is known as a powerful and popular Vietnam server hosting management system built today. Cpanel has a simple interface and flexible features that allow the users manage hosting easier. In additions, the security of cPanel also is superior to other hosting management systems like CentOS Web Panel, ZPanel, DirectAdmin. However, the cost of cPanel license is also quite high. The followings are the main benefits of cPanel.
Stable and easy to use: cPanel was created with a simple interface and the instructions of use are displayed on the main screen of cPanel. Therefore, the beginners can use easily. Besides that, the stability of cPanel is quite high. Cpanel will monitor the operation of the hosting and automatically restart when incidents occur.
When server errors occur, WHM will notify you by email, IM, SMS ... You can constantly update the status of server’s performance and do maintenance timely.
High security: Since cPanel can update itself, you will always use the latest technology. However, you can also remove or adjust the periodical update at the EasyApache interface.
Besides that, cPanel can prevent your hosting from popular threats as XSRF ("sea surfing") and XSS attacks. WHM Security Center allows users to easily install various security options.
Good technical support: cPanel is one of the technical providers that has the best customer support today. You can be assured of this. To get assistance, the users just have to send a request directly on cPanel website and make confirmation of server’s IP.
Friendly to user: With simple interface, cPanel is friendly and easy to use. It not only provides powerful functions for web developers but also prevents them from making affects to other users on the same dedicated server.
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