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A new project inspired by the Richard Prince exhibition.


  • Limbo
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    I'd hazard a guess this is breaking a few copyright laws. Also won't it feel incredibly dated in a few years? Instagram changes it's UI a few times a month
  • brad8985
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    Public domain photo
  • Nick
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    Are you sure about that, chief? Wouldn't mind taking a look at that image library myself.
  • Giraffe
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    I really don't like the idea, to be honest. There's nothing inherently beautiful or interesting about the instagram UI that would spur me to purchase that $50 print to hang over my $3000 credenza, rather than just getting my hands on that image of Hepburn alone. Which, as you've pointed out, wouldn't be difficult.

    This exists as an initial "Wouldn't it be funny" moment of reflection. But to me it isn't something that represents a worthwhile product for purchase. Who knows though. Could be popular with college kids.
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