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Hello DesignersTalk community,

I wanted to ask for a honest feedback on an app I'm creating -


I'm building a photoshop/sketch like design editor that works with any live website. You can tweak the websites design, make multiple versions, share them with the team or client who can then leave comments on it directly. In the background changes are saved as code that you can export or sync with your live website via a code snippet.

The main goal is to kill bug fixing and "make that logo a bit bigger" as a thing. As a designer, you just tweak the site as you wish without making screenshots with red arrows and playing e-mail pingpong with the developer.

What do you think – could a tool like this help in your current workflow? If yes – what features would you expect from it (adding custom fonts, responsive design editor and a realtime preview link are included already)?

p.s. The app is still in early stage, but if you wish to play around with it – message me and I can send you a copy.


  • calder12
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    That's actually quite well done. I'm a developer so the uses for me are probably minimal, but I can see the use case for someone sitting with a client. Nice job!
  • Nick
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    What code is this generating? Is it purely cosmetic or does the application create any meaningful and useful code to implement any changes?
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    Interesting. Reminds me of the unify app that ye olde Unit Interactive made ages ago, but I think that was only for static sites.

    He states it generates code; whether or not it's a dreamweaver nightmare is yet to be seen. Looks like it would be good to fuck around with regardless.
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    Nick wrote: »
    What code is this generating? Is it purely cosmetic or does the application create any meaningful and useful code to implement any changes?

    It generates css code with changes made in the site. Finch tries really hard to make the changes as close to the original code and as with small footprint as possible. You can then go line by line and copy paste the new values in your original code or just export the css file from Finch and add to your site.

    For example this is the output for the DesignersTalk change made in the gif in my first post:


    Features like Sass, Less and automatic git support are possible and planned, but we don't know yet if those are the features people need.
  • Giraffe
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  • ezrankings
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    excellent work, a unique idea apart from this the whole idea depends upon how user friendly you make it for customer. Brilliantly done .
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