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OK so, I am doing a website and I would like to make a sort of alternate universe Bewitched theme. I want to use the cartoon version of Darin and Samantha from the opening credits but tweak them so they look more like the people I am doing the site for. And I want to use the blue backdrop with the stars and the black buildings at the bottom from the cartoon opening credits as the background. I can't seem to find any information on copyright for this. I am relatively new to this whole design thing and I generally just use my own designs, but I really wanted to try this out. Does anyone know anything about this or where I could go to find some information?



  • Nick
    Cream of DT Posts: 18,194
    It's been done before:


    I think you'll be okay* if you make your own illustration based on the original composition.

    *I am not a copyright lawyer.
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