Hi everyone, hope you're all well :). I'm new here so apologies if I post in the wrong place or anything like that, but I was hoping for some advice if possible.
So I'm currently in my first year of uni studying Industrial Design. It's really my first time studying anything like this so I'm literally learning everything as I go from scratch . I love it and want so badly to do well but there are times when I feel so helpless in it all.
I was just wondering how you all improved as designers, just things that made you better overall.

Thank you so much for any help :)


  • steveb
    BitterHusk Original™ Järvenpää FinlandPosts: 24,094
    Do we have any industrial designers?

    I used to visit the Design Museum and read books about applied design to discover what contributes to excellence. I also read about ergonomics and art history to get a better appreciation.
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