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Hi all,

The company I'm currently at order business cards every 3 months. I suppose this is reduce costs, as cards ordered in bulk will be cheaper. I ordered 12 people's cards a couple of weeks ago (200 each - full colour 400gsm silk, matt laminated both sides), and it worked out at £21 per person. For comparison, I've just asked for a quote for one person's cards (so just 200 cards), and they've come back with £46. Seems like a lot for distinctly average cards.

Where does anyone else go for their cards, if they do? And what sort of price are you paying?



  • LeakySandwich
    I use for cheap quick business cards. £25.99 inc. delivery for 250 and only another £2 to double the quantity. They offer velvet lamination which is lovely and turnaround is within 2 days (with a next day option if you are desperate).

    I did all my wedding stationery through them relatively cheaply too - you do get what you pay for but I have always found them good value.
  • Sherbs
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    Who do you use at the moment?
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    When I went to get business cards for my new business I looked at a bunch of online ones. What I found was their reasonably priced ones were all shit. Crappy stock the biggest issue. Coming from the printing industry I have to see and feel the stock to be comfortable with it.

    After a few hours of checking sites online, I went to a printer I used to work for and got exactly what I wanted (well not exactly I wanted letterpress but didn't have the money) for $40 for 250 cards. Similar would have cost me nearly double online and not as heavy a stock.
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    Good. Local. Printer.

    Build trust and a working friendship hopefully. Get to know the person who does the quotes. Take them for lunch and talk about your work and what you're planning. If you want a good deal and a fast turn around it can be a life saver to be mates with them. I'm off to my printer's wedding next year. Didn't know them 6 years ago.
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