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A project is on my to do list to create a landing page with comments functionality that will be linked to a large city website that is created with Drupal. I'm mainly a graphic designer but I do have some front end development experience (mainly html, css and dreamweaver). If my goal was to create a custom, usable and well-designed one page scrolling landing, what would be my best strategy in terms of development? The page can be stand-alone per specs. The key here is the comments functionality. Is my best bet designing the page to be developed in drupal or would a basic dreamweaver page also work well? Any advice appreciated.


  • calder12
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    If all you're doing is gathering and displaying comments any CMS is overkill, and honestly particularly Drupal. It is way overpowered for that job.

    A simple page hooked up to a database via PHP is probably your best bet here. The functionality to save the comments, retrieve them and display them would likely be under 100 lines of code for a single page app, not including the HTML.
  • handcraftedweb
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    Use disqus for the comment section. It's easy and disqus already has a billion users and they won't have to go through a sign-up process. You give up a lot of control to disqus but that's not necessarily bad.

    For a single page that can be "stand-alone", I would just hand code HTML or use a static site generator.
  • calder12
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    ^^ This. I didn't realize Disqus could be used on non WordPress sites.
  • concreteflower
    I'd use Sitecake, it's perfect for simple pages. Check it out
  • cybernext
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    Drupal provides rich features for commenting. Visit for details..
  • calder12
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    cybernext wrote: »
    Drupal provides rich features for commenting. Visit for details..

    Did you even read what he's trying to accomplish?

    It annoys me to no end this industry is fucking full of people that try to sell what they do instead of what's right for the job. If you're a Drupal / WP / Whatever dev only, then only quote on fucking jobs that fit what you do, don't try to fit the job into your box.

    Naive? Probably but it still pisses me off.
  • Chori
    I want to ask for advice. Did anyone worked with WP themes?
    I found a big wordpress portfolio themes and thought that it's simple in using but don't know for sure :)
  • Shiro
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    Drupal is probably overkill, but not necessarily. If the parts of the page need to be customizable after the fact by the client, without any coding, then Drupal would be a good solution, both for it's CMS capabilities, it's well-developed commenting system, and caching abilities, which would make for particularly fast page loads.

    But if it will only ever be edited by the designer, then a HTML site, with Disqus comments is probably the most lightweight way to go.
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