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I would say I am fairly new to the magazine design business. I am the lead designer at a local monthly magazine, averaging around 90 pages. I use indesign for the magazine layout, and ad design. We are running into major production issues between the sales team getting the design team all the information to create ads, which makes deadlines are a total disaster.

Our current process: Sales team goes out sales ads, brings back info to design department, we create ad, give it back to sales, they present to the client, usually multiple rounds of edits back and forth between design/sales/client, until we receive final approval from the client. In the mean time I am trying to put together our publication.

I would really like some advice from anyone with publication experience to let me know about their workflow process. If you work on a monthly publication even better.

Our current deadline schedule:
Editorial: 15th of the month
Ad deadlines: 20th of the month
Production: Officially starts 20th of the month (I normally start laying our editorial as soon as I get it.)
To press: Last Friday of the month.


  • calder12
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    Is your ad deadline completed and approved ads? Or are you trying to produce them after the deadline. If the latter you need to change that.
  • steveb
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    In my experience, the advertiser provides their own material, which usually needs some retouching etc, and they have must submit and sign off their final version 3 days before press time.

    However, I've known customers who not only have no concept of staying within a 1500 word limit and understanding that signing off on final drafts means an end to the to-and-fro, but who also try phoning the printing house with additional alterations after the project has gone to press.

    Some discipline is required.
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