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Pete Nice
Pete Nice
GorzillaPosts: 5,222 in Help Me!
Anyone know of a good admin help plugin? I've tried WP Help but for some reason it's not showing the content of the help document.



  • Pete Nice
    Pete Nice
    Gorzilla Posts: 5,222
    You lot are shit.
  • Pete Nice
    Pete Nice
    Gorzilla Posts: 5,222
    Made my own.
  • Nick
    Cream of DT Posts: 18,194
    haha. Good man.
  • calder12
    Senior Member Posts: 13,484
    Probably best anyway, most WP plugins are shit.
  • willtoo
    .O_o. Posts: 2,493 edited March 2
    See, Pete. We knew you could. It's all about motivation.
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