To show or not to show pricing on 'cards' for an e-commerce web design

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I've been using this minimalist design for this 'card' element. It looks fine on the front page but when it comes to the category page where the user would be able to filter the products by price it becomes quite off-putting as the card just shows the image first and reveals the name and price on hover. It feels like broken UX.

Is this a bad approach? Should I make a new card design for the category page or a completely new one that fits both with the front page and category page?

Refer here:


  • handcraftedweb
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    It's terrible. Price is one of the more important pieces of info and shouldn't be hidden in any way.
  • Nick
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    Agreed, needs a complete rethink.
    Also consider the user experience from mobile users' perspective.
  • Irfan
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    Thank you for your replies @handcraftedweb & @Nick

    I've reworked it around and it looks like this now:

    Any advice?
  • calder12
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    The solid white box looks awkward in my opinion. The price below is better though. Move the type down with the price, you already have extra info, there's no point polluting the image with it.
  • Irfan
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    You're right, removed it. Thank you for the helpful suggestions.
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