Freely licensed open source font to play with in FontForge?

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Looking for an existing typeface that I can play with in FontForge. Something more or less generic sans serif that I can start with and give it that extra little zing. Kick it up a notch. Make it pop.

Monospaced or proportional.

By "freely licensed" I mean I don't want requirements like attribution - not looking to make any money off it just want minimum hassles. Those licenses that say you can't resell it would be fine.


  • handcraftedweb
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    found this:

    and Source Code Pro is freely licensed.
  • steveb
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    Do you already have an idea of what you're going to do to make that pop? I suppose if you stretched the glyphs vertically and repaired the damage it might look a bit less classical. A very slight italic might look good, too, say about 5°. Post your results, please!
  • handcraftedweb
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    I was thinking about taking Source Code Pro (a monospaced), the lightest version, and making it proportional.
  • envigo
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    Never knew about something like font forge before. Thanks handcraftedweb for the mention. I shall ask my designer to use it in logo designing when we need a different font or want to change a font slightly.
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