Accepting critiques for a realty logo

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How's the overall design? The type?



  • calder12
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    I like that, quite a lot actually. The mark could stand on its own well too. (says the developer that knows very little about design)
  • LeakySandwich
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    I like the idea, the execution feels a bit soft to me.

    I would like to see it without the rounded edges. It would also then match Gotham much better, which at the moment feels like it was chosen because it is a nice font, rather than because it fits with the mark.

    It would also be worth trying it without the door. The mark should flow much better, have more balance and allusion to the house is far more visually rewarding than the explicity.

    Finally, the image is quite pixellated, which makes it look rough.
  • steveb
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    I agree with all that, but I think the door is fairly essential. It could be taller, though. I think a sharp-cornered version would look much more professional.
  • envigo
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    I like it overall. Minimal yet strong.
    I feel that - inner edge of the inner corner of the C is not rounded while the rest of the corners are.
    I like it with the door though. Could you try a contrasting font to write C K Reality? I mean something not in the same league as the CK typeface.
  • cpix
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    Thanks, everyone. I took some of your suggestions. Here is an update.


    Edit: Biz card design, color samples...

  • LeakySandwich
    Looks good, I am still not convinced it needs the door though. The orange/blue colour way works really well.

    Is the arm of the K the same width throughout? It looks like it gets thinner by the house which may just be a symptom of the negative space. Either way, some optical adjustment to compensate for that would make it feel less awkward.
  • willtoo
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    Agree with Leaky on pretty much everything, but think the door prob needs to stay - not sure if you'll run into issues at smaller sizes, though.

    The kerning of the C and K in the logotype feels a bit too open to me but it's a tricky one to balance with that type treatment.
  • Giraffe
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    I think it's strong; leaky has made great points. The serifs on the C and K are different, which I find slightly disturbing. It looks like a graft of an entirely custom K onto a C from a preexisting typeface. The C is a slab serif; the K is a sans.
  • handcraftedweb
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    I think in "CK REALTY" the "CK" needs to be more distinct from "REALTY" or no difference at all. It's in that middle ground of a little bit different but not different enough.
  • demt
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    the house doesnt look so swamped and threatened
  • demt
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    there again the foot of the k doesnt seem that bright
  • jamblo
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  • jamblo
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    I think it'd be inclined to go even further than Demt has there. I'd keep the serif but knock the bottom right corner off it thats parallel to the diagonal.
  • LeakySandwich
    The serif of the C was forming part of the ascender of the K which was the cleverest part of the logo for me. I just think everything needs balancing and thinning out a bit.

    It looks inorganic at the moment — I can really see the original form of the C to the left of the house, where it should flow naturally into the arm of the K. I would redraw it from scratch a few times rather than just modifying what you have, and try to make things flow. Try it wider. Take all rounded corners off completely so it is sharp and you are working with solid forms, and then soften it afterwards.
  • Limbo
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    It's not a good execution and the typemark is too small - make's it look naff.

    Use a grid and experiment with the forms a little more. I agree with Leaky - the serif leads the eye into the K. It looks worse without.

    I'd not be happy with it as it is, but the concept is OK, if not a little hokey (it's been done a lot tbh).
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