We just launched an on-demand mentorship platform for aspiring creatives!

Hey all - we just launched our passion project, RookieUp, a platform designed to help aspiring creatives everywhere find and connect with accomplished creatives in fields like Graphic Design, UX Design, and more for video mentor sessions.

We built RookieUp because we know first-hand how difficult it can be to find a mentor in the creative world, especially if you're trying to break into a totally new industry. A year ago I was teaching myself front-end development and web design but kept getting stuck on the smallest issues because I didn't know anyone in the creative industry I could turn to for help. Our goal is to democratize the process of finding a mentor so anyone anywhere can connect with the right expert at the right time to answer their questions and help them accomplish their creative goals. We've got a ton of awesome web designers on the platform with a passion for teaching!

We built RookieUp specifically for communities like this, and we'd absolutely love ideas for making it better! And if you know anyone who could benefit from a mentor (or wants to be a mentor on the site), we'd love for you to share with them!


  • steveb
    BitterHusk Original™ Järvenpää FinlandPosts: 24,094
    I can't find a list of fees anywhere.
  • calder12
    Senior Member Posts: 13,491
    Fees seem to be set by the mentor, you have to click through all the way to Book Now before seeing the cost.

    Seems like an interesting idea, there are some layout issues and a lot of jumping around of elements on load. While you're not offering coding mentorship you still probably want to fix that stuff, it looks unprofessional to me.
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