Client wants to be able to edit website himself

I've got this client for who I'm doing UX/UI design. It's a simple informational website with a blog. He wants to be able to edit the content himself and write blogs easily, but also wants custom design features and great design overall.

What's the best practice here? I'd say WordPress, but then we'd be limited by the theme for our custom features.



  • bennyboy
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    Not if you use a custom theme.
  • PointandStare
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    The limit is with your developer and the designer.
    Don't blame the tool if you can't work out how to open the windows.
  • handcraftedweb
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    You could go with a static site builder (e.g. Jekyll), if you don't need a database or server processing (which "simple informational website with a blog " suggests) and the client is tech savvy enough to use Jekyll.
  • switchMode
    You can do just about anything with wordpress using metabox + theme options, but it usually ends up being pretty tied to the theme visually. I usually draw the line on wordpress with anything that involves user logins.

    Static sites might work, but depending on the clients abilities I imagine its harder to stop them from breaking it. Hell I've had enough trouble in the past with giving one client access to FTP.
  • calder12
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    Static sites require a level of technical ability that if a client possesses it they probably don't need a developer to begin with. There are a few CMS's that build static sites, but I wouldn't bother trying to do it with most clients with plain static site generators.

    A friend built a pretty cool WP -> MiddleMan gem. You set up a WP site and every time you save it converts the site to a static MiddleMan site. My own website does something similar using WP as a writing room and SlimPHP to process the blog.

    But all of this is way beyond the original question. The answer to that is:

    Hire a developer.
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