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Does anyone use a work flow management software?
Any recommendations? Ideally something that automatically creates a job number for each new piece of work that comes in. All work Currently using email to receive briefs and an excel spreadsheet to assign and store a job number. Currently on job 2981! Just having problems with people not filling in briefs correctly, not giving the correct deadline.

Any help or recommendations will be much appreciated!



  • Pete Nice
    Pete Nice
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    We've been using Slack for the past few months which is really great for communication between account and creative teams - it's eliminated internal email completely. You can also bring clients into private channels so it really speeds up amends and ongoing dialogue.

    We've just started using Function Fox which is project management software - early days at the moment but seems pretty good. We're triggering notification from Function Fox directly into users channels on Slack when ever a job is created and briefed.
  • switchMode
    I'm using asana at the moment. Arrangement is workspace > project > task with discussion/calendar/tagging and a todo list style tick off when something is complete. It's basically a great replacement for emails all over the show.
  • calder12
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    I'm using Freedcamp which is sort of Asana on steroids, or at least compared to the last time I used Asana. It doesn't do anything like job numbers though so maybe it's not what you're looking for. It has really nice task lists that can be assigned to anyone and deadlines set, etc.

    Fuck email. I have one client that does that and it dries me batshit trying to find any damn thing.
  • Matt_e11
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    Cheers will look into these. Even if some can't create a job number and its still a manual process it will cut out email and make things run a bit smoother having everything in one place.
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