New platform to help designers showcase and sell, any thoughts??

I built a new platform which allows designers to showcase and sell their work. We are currently working on adding a feature to allow designers to take customized projects and assignments from people / businesses around the globe.


  • envigo
    Digital Marketing Services in UK United Kingdom / IndiaPosts: 28
    I am going through the website. We regularly use envato (themeforest etc) for our design needs. We will be glad to see some fresh offerings on a new designer showcase. Willing to support any good ventures that come up with dependable service quality designs.
  • steveb
    BitterHusk Original™ Järvenpää FinlandPosts: 24,097
    Demt can put his background wallpapers on there.
  • skywild98
    edited February 14
    Forgot to mention, the purpose of the platform (besides allowing designers to showcases his / her work, expand clientele globally) is also meant to help foster fun and meaningful collaborations within the design industry or cross-industry (with other industries like clothes, food, etc). Looking forward to see more designer showcases there.
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