Website 'style' name please.

Dear all,
I'm new to this forum and I'm a WYSIWYG Xara user, no professional by any stretch of the imagination.
I'm trying to find the name for a style of website so that I can look for more examples.
The website is
Everything seems to be sorted around 'boxes' and there's not scrolling - it all seems to be sized to fill the browser without the user needing to do anything other than choose which box to select.
Is this a style and, if so, what's it called?
Many thanks in advance!


  • StisterMeve
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    There's scrolling on everything past the first page.
  • handcraftedweb
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    I don't know of a popular name for a page that doesn't scroll (except "nonscrolling page"). The tiling style might be called "tiles", but that's not a real standard name either.

    BTW your page becomes scrollable when it gets narrow.
  • Limbo
    Established Norm Posts: 27,388
    It's a modular grid. Popularised by Windows.
  • roberth
    Thanks everyone. It's not actually my site and it was just the home page that I should have mentioned. I'll google 'modular grid'.
    Much appreciated!
  • Nick
    Cream of DT Posts: 18,196 edited February 14
    The keyword search for this specific style is 'metro design'.
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