Design and Conversion - Is There Any Direct Relation?

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If you’re doing clients website design, I guess every new client, without any exceptions, have this question:

when should my website start getting conversions? In other words, clients want their return on investment very quickly.

I was wondering if web designers are aware of some of the features which are directly related to ROI of a website? I mean is there any particular design features which bring more conversion for a website? If so then what are those features?


  • David
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    I tend to add a green button, green buttons are the best at converting - failing that i have had limited success with a pop up containing an image of a puppy with a gun to its head
  • cybernext
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    Off-course designing is also included in conversions. Basically it is a combined effort.. content, design, marketing, user interface etc are the factors responsible for conversion rate directly or indirectly.

    In designs, we have color combinations, flat designs, C2A designs, banners, flyers etc for conversion purpose.
  • envigo
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    Design has everything to do with conversion.
    But unless there is traffic what do you expect to convert? If there is traffic already on the website and it undergoes a re-design then design has everything to do with conversion.

    Here are some things we keep in mind when doing a bird's eye view conversion rate optimization analysis.
    1. Conversion Elements above the fold.
    2. moving elements above the fold.
    3. Conversion factors above the fold (like convincing text, free offers or discounts, positive testimonials, trust factors etc)
    4. Clear explanation of conditional stuff. Say for example there are 4 button to click. Explain which button is for what.
    5. Reduce customer risk - anywhere you see a action - clarify why they information they submit there is needed and how safe it is.
    6. Colors - The conversion elements must stand out. Blending them with website theme kills conversions.
    7. Follow the line of sight to place text / graphic / conversion elements online.
  • dreamdezigns1
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    Yes, off course. It's because when customers comes to the website they first check how website looks, not suddenly they start reading content. That's why design is one of the essential feature of conversion.
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