2017: revenge of the tangible

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I declare 2017 to be the year of the tangible.

For planning: paper (all different shapes and textures and colors), pencils pens and crayons. Sticky notes and whiteboards. Always carry paper and 3 different colors of pens or pencils.

For art: I don't know, that's not my area. Use whatever you want.

For photography: not going back to film. Still not ready for phone photography (but it's ok if you use one). Print some photos out on paper, either on your own printer or by a printing service. Notice the difference, think about the difference between a screen image and an image on paper, paper in your hand or on your wall.

For web design: well you can't really do anything tangible with web design, can you? That's not my fault. Sure you could take a picture of all you web pages and print them out and hand them to people, but that makes no sense at all. Best to just keep your head low and minimize expectations for most of the year. Maybe learn tattooing or something, something real.

For calligraphy: I don't really have anything pertinent to say to you people. Might be your best year ever.

For illustration: isn't illustration basically art for children? See section "For art" above.

Best Wishes and Good Luck in 2017

title: The Revenge of the Tangible
subtitle: It's Not as Bad as it Seems


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