Woo commerce free shipping coupon not applying?

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We are using Woo commerce for our chosen e commerce package.

I'm trying to set it so that Free shipping is enabled for minimum orders of £30, which is fine, nice and easy, but ALSO to be used with coupons.

I've chosen 'minimum order and coupon' with the free shipping section, but at checkout when I use the free shipping coupon it shows as 'Free Shipping Coupon' but doesn't actually take off the shipping charge?

This is how it appears in the checkout:

Coupon Code
Subtotal £10.00
Coupon: freepp Free shipping coupon [Remove]
Shipping and Handling Flat Rate: £3.20
Calculate Shipping

TOTAL: £13.20

When this should be £10 total ?

Please help, very annoying I can't see the issue.


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    I'd say you're asking this in the wrong place. Contact Woo Commerce support — or the plugin creator directly.
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