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Hi everybody,
I’m a Graphic communication undergraduate student at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus and I’m currently working on my dissertation research. I would really appreciate if you could answer this questionnaire. It should take approximately 4 minutes to complete.
Thank you!



  • StisterMeve
    Fucky-do Posts: 6,624
    Filled in.

    There are a couple of typos (infographics), and a few bits which don't make any sense ('Do you want to hear about this?' "No" 'What format would you like to hear about this in?' - required question).
  • Iulia_cartasiova
    Thank you for your answers. Well, there is point actually. If the answer is 'no', that will give me the answer on my research question: if designers are interested in finding out about this issues. However, even if they answer 'no' I still need to produce a design artefact in order to support my research.

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