Looking for feedback on my new website!

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I've just created a website for a friend and her spa business. I used a squarespace template, and am going to remake it and customize it on Adobe Muse. I'm just looking for an objective opinion on what could be changed or improved

Thanks :)



  • Threeboy
    Make sh*t everyday CanadaPosts: 50
    Website not working here.
  • Downward_Spiral
    1. Where there is an opaque rectangle, containing text, against the background of a flower, the flower tends to obscure the text, making it very difficult to read.

    2. There's barely any contrast between the yellow links, and the background, which makes the links unreadable: https://www.intuitive-sf.com/services/

    In general, however, the page looks nice.
  • cybernext
    CyberNext Posts: 9
    Good design but not very user and search engine friendly.
  • damponting44
    1. Offer various touch points & have a contact page.

    2. Funny feedback forms

    3. Asking the right questions.

    4. Twitter, Linkedin & Social Media

    5. Exit intents

    6. Be nice with hello bars.
  • Mako09
    Honestly? It looks like it took you ten minutes.

    For a company with the word Intuitive, it's site sure isn't.

    It's bare. I like the font choice, but there's no design here.

    It looks like you slapped together a few images, threw up a templated site and called it a day.

    Hope your friend didn't pay you for this.

    Some tips on how it can be improved:

    - You plan on using Adobe Muse. Don't. It's generated, bloated, shit code that will not rank in Google. Instead, learn to properly and semantically code a responsive website.
    - Re-design the site completely. It has barely any content. It looks lousy.
    - For inspiration, go on Behance / Dribbble / Pinterest and look up "spa website design". You'll find good sites there to draw from.

    Hope that helps.

  • Nick
    Cream of DT Posts: 18,202
    ^ first honest and useful piece of feedback.
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