When NOT to use Wordpress?

People swear by WP, Im usually swearing AT it.

When should I steer clients away from it? Most companies Ive built WP sites for are too scared to use them (even after one-on-one, onsite training) and a nightmare to support when they break it or let somebodys kid genius mess with it.

So what criteria are. you employing to determine/qualify when to use it or not?


  • Beartrap
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    I don't know. I've worked with WP for years and the recent web design clients I've had have been using Wordpress. Building new with WP and working on old WP sites. There are a lot of systems you could look into but if you don't know them it wouldn't be much use trying to convince a new client to use them.

    I suggest having a look at Craft CMS.

    I too would like to know "professional" web system choice these days. I feel like a lot of people are skipping the CMS thing altogether and just building hand-coded websites depending on the complexity of the website
  • Beartrap
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    Dude honestly another great way to figure this out is to go to local web design / coding meet ups. Talk to other professionals in your area and get their input on it
  • calder12
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    Determine what the client needs and match it to the technology. WordPress can do a lot in the hands of a talented developer, but it's still not well written in the backend. It's queries are bad (although I was told they got better with v4), it's still not proper MVC and the biggest issue is there are a lot of WP developers that aren't developers.

    Craft is great, very developer friendly with a really nice user interface for the client too.

    But not every site needs to be a CMS, the majority of people in my experience never update their own sites. In the end you can make WP do almost anything, that doesn't mean it will do it well. Understand the client's needs first then make the decision on the technology based on those needs.
  • switchMode
    Unfortunately often you don't know whether the client is the kind that will actively learn about + update their own website until after launch.

    Particularly painful in ecommerce.
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