Isometric illustration techniques

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Hiya all, been a long, long time. New site!!!

My client doesn't want to hire an illustrator so I'm trying my hand at some illustration. They have a very specific style they want to replicate. It's obviously isometric, but as a non-illustrator, I'm kind of stumped at how to achieve this level of detail/texture/highlighting.

I know you can't just give me a walkthrough guide, but any advice would be much appreciated, have a look at the pic



  • Dusty
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    draw the layers in nomal 2D, then distort as a whole onto the isometric grid. Don't try and draw all the bits at that angle.

    Pay attention to the drop shadows between the layers.
  • Giraffe
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    There's an isometric 3D extrusion option in adobe illustrator that produces passable results. I imagine taking that and throwing in some gradient meshes would give you something respectable.

    There is also this ages old tutorial from My Poor Brain hosted on digital arts:
  • pat
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    Tanks gents! Also found a tutorial following Dusty's approach. Ta.
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