Need cc on logo idea


I'm a real estate/interiors/architecture photographer taking a stab at designing a logo for my new business to be used along with my name on my website and on a business card, as is posted in the bottom image. For my website the logo will be used along with the name of the company which appears above in the business card example.

As a photographer I'm much more proficient in PS so I used that to sketch the idea out, but any final work would be done as a vector in Corel Draw. Trying to get the design down before focusing on colors beyond the little bit of blue I've used to draw attention to the sort of monogram that exists within the logo.

This is my third or fourth attempt; the others were weak. Tried to simplify as much as possible and used the design in this photo and the following link as inspiration.




  • Klang
    Ray fucking Purchase Posts: 17,252
    Pay a professional.
  • Giraffe
    toxic designer Posts: 9,880
    Yes, hire someone who does it for a living.
  • Limbo
    Established Norm Posts: 27,388
    Yep. It's a disaster.
  • Bigswifty
    Thanks for the cc. Point taken. Will get right on that.
  • willtoo
    .O_o. Posts: 2,497
    Haha, I saw the top image and without really reading the blurb, thought, yeah, nice job!

    ...then I scrolled. :)

    As the others have said, get a pro on it. You'll save yourself a tonne of time and get the result you want to achieve.

  • StisterMeve
    Fucky-do Posts: 6,616
    Did exactly the same as willtoo.

    Do what Klang said, or we'll get people to take photos of their own buildings.
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