Confused ! am i am web designer?

I am learning HTML, CSS, bootstrap, jquery, lest few years.
and can build a website using these elements.
but I see a lot of new design every day and when i try to do those things, some times i stuck and can not complete.
i am very much confused, am i a web designer?
I am always very much confused.

Thank You


  • calder12
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    Do you design websites? If yes, then you're a web designer. Of course that doesn't mean you're a good one.

    It sounds to me like you need to get better at investigating what other people do and how they accomplish those things. Read about the Chrome Dev tools and how you can use them to inspect and deconstruct other people's code.

    Also search for tutorials on how to accomplish the things that interest you.

    I'm not a designer, but I think some habits relate well in both dev and design. Practice, as much as you can and while practicing try new things. Work outside your comfort zone unless you're doing deadline client work, in which case work to your current strengths.

    When things don't work, don't give up. Figure out WHY they don't work. When it comes to complex issues try building out the part you're having issues with as a standalone. I quite often do this when I have a piece of code that isn't working as expected. I build a small example with just that code and the supporting code. If it works there I start building it out, often one thing you wouldn't expect is the problem turns out to be breaking everything.
  • smehsan
    Thank Yoy @calder12
    you really inspire me.
    Thank again
  • logoguts
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    I think you need to be more specific toward your profession, what i mean to say is webdesign and website development are two different fields,, you try to mix them
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