anybody using Generate Press?

this seems like a good alternative to Genesis, and quite similar. i can't/don't want to get deep into code, so this should be a suitable solution, right? their premium deal is only $39 and includes lifetime support and updates. hard to find that kind of deal elsewhere.


  • MrDaveFoy
    Probably too late now seeing as you posted a few weeks ago, but I absolutely love GeneratePress. Much easier to get your head around (if you're a non-dev) than Genesis. It's lightweight, well coded and the developer is really responsive and helpful. It's a fantastic 'frame' for you to build the rest of the site with. And the premium version has really brilliant features - nothing bloated, just what you need.

    I've been using it recently along with the free Elementor page builder plugin. Works beautifully with GP, really easy to use.
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