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I was made redundant.

I made a list of my top 500 albums, and put it on the web, with Spotify links.

Please pick it apart (the list, not the site. I couldn't give two fucks about that):



  • Limbo
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    Jolly good. Will listen to those I've not and tell you if your right.

    (Painfully slow to load.)

    Few I'd have added (seeing as you have a few questionables in there like Beck):

    Brian Eno - Music for Airports
    Orbital - In Sides
    Jurassic 5 - J5
    Legend - Bob Marley and the Wailers
    The Killers - Hot Fuss
    Muddy Waters - Hard Again
  • StisterMeve
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    Jurassic 5 nearly made the cut. I love Beck. Midnite Vultures has some exemplary moments.

    Yeah, it is slow. Didn't want it over pages, and the infinite scroll sucks.
  • Matt_e11
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    Sorry to hear about the redundancy meve. How is the other site going?
  • bennyboy
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    Limbo wrote: »
    questionables in there like Beck):

    The Killers over Beck? Beck? Odelay one of the greatest LP's of the 90's. Midnite Vultures, Mellow Gold, Mutations. GREAT. Full of ideas. The Killers? One idea.


    With a shorter list, say 50 LP's, there's a focus that you think these LP's have a reason to be included, so an argument about what should and shouldn't be in there would make sense. 500 is a fairly bleeding wide focus and most bases are covered, so having one LP over another in there seems to make little difference, really.

    Nice list though.
  • Limbo
    Established Norm Posts: 27,390
    I love Hot Fuss.

    Not a Beck fan.

  • willtoo
    .O_o. Posts: 2,498
    Be a Benny, Benny - Odelay was/is great. FYL.
  • Limbo
    Established Norm Posts: 27,390
    Maybe I'm not even thinking of Beck. Ramshackle is great. Hmn... confused now. Think I've pegged Beck as someone else all these years.
  • StisterMeve
    Fucky-do Posts: 6,624
    Time to listen to some Beck, Limbo.
  • Limbo
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    I am MeveySteve. And I quite like — (although I've never liked 'loser', only because of some terrible Uni parties in the 90's)
  • Dusty
    You Ecks Posts: 11,550
    Kyuss, but no Electric Wizard.
  • Giraffe
    toxic designer Posts: 9,888
    Kyuss, man I havent heard those guys in ages. Phototropic and Asteroid, love those two fucking tracks.
  • alzer81
    here me now.. Posts: 3,977
    ah 2 many DJs. Fuckin classic.
  • handcraftedweb
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    Painfully slow.

    No Ramones?
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