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Hello all!

I hope it's not against the rules, but I wanted to let you know about an application I'm developing for building mobile web pages. It's not finished just yet, but I recently started a crowdfunding campaign, and I was hoping to find some enthusiastic supporters here :)

If you're interested, please take a minute to check out the campaign at:
Indiegogo campaign

Thank you,
~ T.


  • SmithRoy
    Overall look of your application is very poor IMO. If you want to attract possible clients make sure the design has something "eye catching" into it. First slice your project design and couple pages and then suggest adding it at Indiegogos.
  • PointandStare
    Watch it sonny Posts: 2,207
    Apart from the awful presentation, the 1000s of similar projects doing the exact same thing and the general lack of 'need' for such a project, your perks don't make sense.

    Early Whale:
    I give you 25 euros
    I get 15 euros discount
    I then have to pay another 25 euros
    Therefore, I pay 50 euros for a 40 euro product.

    Even worse is the 'Special' - That one works out at 60 euros for the same 40 euro product.

    In all seriousness, remove the campaign until you're actually ready and have done the work.

  • Limbo
    Established Norm Posts: 27,380
    Haha. This is about as well thought out as Brexit.
  • handcraftedweb
    thought leader Left coastPosts: 6,796
    The insult of 2016
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