help needed/basic layout


just a reminder, im pretty new to web design so go easy on me.

im trying to make a simple header and nav section. with the use of flex. i saw in a tutorial flex can divide the width between elements equally so that what i have tried, but for some reason unknown to me the nav div elements are on top of each other. also, im confused about the positioning part, mainly my background color for the nav element dissappearing. any help appreciated


  • calder12
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    1. Stop pasting everything into your Fiddles. They don't need the head, document stuff or body and html tags. It just causes confusion.
    2. You were missing some elements, had the flex rule on the wrong element and had a : after your nav in the CSS.

    Aside from that divs are not the right element to be using for a nav, they should be list items.
  • busso
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