• LeakySandwich
    Hi Daniel,

    I was already aware of Digital Profile before your post here through DesignerNews and a couple of your Medium articles. I have bookmarked it and half created a profile which I do intend to return to at some point.

    I think the site looks great and the idea of intelligent matching is one that appeals.

    The thing that I find most obviously lacking is proof that the process works - there are no testimonials, it would be especially beneficial to have a blog/case studies showing people who have found jobs through the site. I appreciate this is probably in the works though.

    Good luck with it, I hope it all goes well.

  • danlewistech
    Thanks for your feedback, we have a map coming in the next version which will be here shortly. Good point and we're working towards is a better onboarding experience which explains better what we're doing and how it works.
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