What do you hate the most about recruitment companies?

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Hey guys, I used to own a web development agency and from a business point of view, recruitment companies are a pain in the arse! I was hoping you could tell me from a professionals point of view your feeling for them so I can make www.digitalprofile.io a platform you want to use so you don't have to speak to a recruitment person again.



  • Shaun
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    I like the concept. Like a reverse hired.com. I also like the subject because I'm pretty outspoken about the recruitment industry.

    1. How many people go to school to be a recruiter or aspire to be a recruiter? Okay, you can't even find the right job for you, but you can find the right job for me?
    2. "Your CV doesn't mention any ASP experience, but you have PHP experience and I'm confident you can learn." Often making it too transparent that the main objective is to just get you hired, regardless of where (some people are okay with that, I guess).
    3. Automated emails. No. Unsolicited phone calls during work hours, no. Unsolicited phone calls out of work hours. No. Just no.
    4. Oh my previous or current position is a lead position and you think I'd be interested in these entry/mid-level positions, doing what I did 10 years ago. Probably to be interviewed by somebody fresh out of Code Academy.

    Recently on LinkedIn, a recruiter "endorsed" me for a skill I had not previously listed, "SugarJS", a really light JS library that comes with a few useful tools. He then messaged me straight away and said something along the lines of, "I see you have experience in SugarJS, I have a great position for that...."

    I've worked at 6 different companies in my life and only one of them was through a recruiter (albeit a recruiter that a friend recommended). I wanted the job, I got the interview, I got the job. 4 weeks after starting, the same recruiter contacted me directly (not an automated email) asking if I was happy because she found something better. Long story short, she broke the agreement she had with the hiring company and lost her $20,000 fee.
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