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Hey All,

New to the forum. Working on a logo for our church and wanted to see what you thought of these designs (imgur link). The main things I'm curious about are:

A. Do you like the brandmark? If so or if not, why?

B. Do you think it's too much or "busy" to have the brandmark+the stylized text?

C. Does the stylized text stand out enough that best bet is just to ditch the brandmark and do text only?

D. Favorite of the three?

P.S. Sorry if there was a way to post the images directly to the post instead of linking, couldn't figure it out.


  • mikebarbaro
    PittsburghPosts: 3
    I like it. Maybe tone down the patterns. Logos are going for a more flat design today. Is that American Captain font?
  • alzer81
    here me now.. Posts: 3,970
    I'll pray for you.
  • roto
    |-/ Posts: 12,958
    Pattered prayer?
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